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«It's easy and pleasant to tell the truth»
— Joshua «The Master and Margarita» by M.Bulgakov
Imagine that any news on the internet has a tag indicating the reliability level of information that it contains. Imagine that news articles, posts by ordinary people on social networks, descriptions of goods in online stores and even TV stories have such indicators. Imagine that Google and Yandex sort the information they give out depending on its truthfulness rating.

Here's what it might look like:
Imagine a world in which information without such a truth rating only makes you smile, reputation has become crucial and all individuals, companies and governments fight for a high truth rating of their information by striving to publish only the truth.

Does this sound like utopia? CyberPravda is making it a reality! We are revolutionising the way information is distributed!

Of course, you will immediately have a question — who determines what is true? How does it function? Will some Big Brother now determine who is right and who is wrong?

Absolutely not! There will be no trust in a rating that is not open, transparent, error-free, scientific and fully independent. The calculation of a truth rating should not be controlled by anyone. But then who will calculate it?

The answer is simple — an open and secure blockchain is the principle by which cryptocurrencies function! No corporate servers! Everything will be done by the users themselves, i.e. you and me. The information will be distributed to all the computers in the world and any Internet user at any time can easily check how the truth rating is calculated.

So how does it work?

A person opens an application or site of CyberPravda, logs in and writes some information. Another person confirms this information with a message and, for example, adds a picture, a third person adds a refuting fact and adds a link to the website, a scientist with a verified scientific degree provides his/her proof, and so on. Huge branching and intersecting chains of information are built up, all in all looking like chaos.
We have created a mathematical algorithm that uses graph theory to analyze this big data and assign each message in the system a credibility rating, and authors — a reputation rating, which are calculated by a complex scheme based on the number of confirmations and denials, the authors' scientific weight, their reputation, and many other factors. The algorithm is completely transparent and will be visible to all users of the system. Everyone will know the rules of the game and will be able to check them at any time.

Anyone can become an author, but not necessarily. One can be just a reader and without authorisation use the system to either quickly see the veracity of any information and the reputation of any author, add a comment, or go deeper into reading the evidence, refutations and versions.

Thus, CyberPravda rating, of course, does not claim to be the supreme truth, but as close to it as possible, being inherently a reflection of the social consensus on any discussed topic.

What's the bottom line?

The bottom line is that CyberPravda is completely changing the world we live in! People are using the truth rating to clarify important to them issues from whether global warming really exists to whether a certain kind of product is of good quality or whether the existence of dark matter is credible to whether the kindergarten in their neighbourhood is any good. And millions of other topics.

There is an accumulation of reputation (ratings) for those people or companies who mainly write the truth and provide evidence. The reputations of the authors of the fakes remain at zero or lower. The credibility (truth) rating of any events, news and statements is formed out of a multitude of opinions.

The whole world is competing for CyberPravda ratings. News agencies, product manufacturers, bloggers, restaurants, clinics, common people are all involved in building up their own reputations, which are stored securely on the blockchain.

Quite quickly, publishing any news item without a rating on CyberPravda becomes a direct indication that the news item is likely to be a fake. Goods and services with a good truth rating are sold much better. Television stations with CyberPravda ratings of their stories get a bigger audience. Telling the truth becomes not only easy and pleasant, but also profitable.

And that's it — welcome to the new world and the new Internet 3.0!

An internet where people don't just compete for likes, they compete for reputation. An internet where you don't have to dig through tons of information to get to the truth, and the truth is always there!
CyberPravda is changing the world! Would you like to be part of this magnificent process?

Several investment funds have displayed their interest in this project. Together with them, we are actively creating the first prototype of the CyberPravda app, which we will soon launch for testing.

We invite everyone to join the closed testing of the system. For this purpose we have created a community of people who want to change the world together with us. Members of the community will be the first to receive project news, contribute it with ideas and take part in development. The most active and interested people can join our team.

Now we need all the help we can get:
  • ideas, advice and constructive criticism
  • enthusiasts for initial testing (no computer skills required)
  • experts in blockchain technology and distributed decentralised global database architecture
  • experts in mathematical analysis algorithms and optimization of logical network topology
  • linguists and logicians
  • specialists in semantic analysis and artificial intelligence
  • UX/UI designers
  • front- or back-end developers
  • QA- or DevOps-engineers
  • marketing and advertising specialists
In any social network, and CyberPravda is also a social network, first users have advantages. At least, it's an opportunity to occupy convenient and short nicknames. We are now thinking about and accepting any suggestions on incentives for first-timers. But of course we will never sell reputation! It will have to be earned.
Anyone wishing to be the first to follow the project and spread the truth to the world is welcome to our Facebook group, Instagram account and Telegram channel of our community

— Truth is easy and pleasant to tell, — remarked the detainee.

— I do not need to know, — said Pilate in a low, angry voice, — whether it is pleasant or not for you to tell the truth. But you must speak it. But, when you speak, weigh every word, if you do not want not only an inevitable but also a painful death.
Joshua and Pontius Pilate «The Master and Margarita» by M.Bulgakov

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